Today is Election Day!

i voted 4Today is Election Day!  It’s time to Vote YES for the River East Public Library Referendum!  The first since 1962.

Funding is needed to move our library into the 21st century, to make our library building safe and operable and to give our librarians the resources they need to help build our community for the next generation.  Every one of our votes counts today.  A YES is not only for our library but for our community.  On behalf of everyone on the Vote Yes for River East Public Library committee, we thank each and every one of you for your support!

See you at the polls!

To find your polling location visit

Important: If you are in line at the closing time of 7:00 PM you have the right to cast your vote.


Vote for a Brighter Future

people votingEarly voting is open! Voting YES for River East Public Library is your chance to say YES to a community that is more livable, more interesting, and more vital. Countless groups and individuals are building businesses, learning new things, sharing their talents, and raising the next generation right. Our library is a place where all people can come together and get what they need to further their own goals. Getting the funding we need for our library makes all the difference in it’s success – and in your success, too. Join with hundreds and hundreds of your neighbors in making sure that the library has the books and e-books, the databases, the programs and services all these different folks need. By voting YES for River East Public Library you will make your mark for a brighter future for our community.

For information on early voting, please visit

Now is the Time – Save River East Library – Vote YES!

Vote YES on April 7th!

Vote YES on April 7th!

The last few days before Election Day are a critical time to sharing the word with neighbors and family who may not yet be as aware as you are about things. The ballot on Tuesday, April 7th for River East Public Library matters to the future of everyone living in our community, whether they use the library or not. From the children who use the library and learn basic literacy and language skill from our librarians, to the folks without internet access who need to find a job or file a claim, to the hundreds and thousands of readers, listeners, and watchers of our books, digital downloads, and movie collections…. The impact of River East Public Library is staggering. And we have been under-funding it for generations. The last tax rate increase was in 1962 . . . 53 years ago! It is past time to bring the library’s funding up to what it should be to serve our growing community and to keep the building safe and operable for all to enjoy. For the smallest of amounts – about equal to the price of one night of ordering pizza for your family – we can make a huge difference for the future of education, access to information and the internet, and the enjoyment of reading and learning. With an increase in funding the library can upgrade building and tech systems (including computers, software, tablets/e-readers for checkout), expansion of online services (Chiltons auto database, Hoopla), continuation of computer classes & kids programming, along with more adult programs and better collections (best sellers, DVDs, video games, music, e-books). For so LITTLE, the library will be able to do so MUCH! And without this increase, we are at risk of library hours being cut, computers & software will not be replaced at the end of usefulness, databases & online services will be reduced to just the basic one, programs may be cut and electrical & plumbing systems will not be updated, and ultimately . . . we risk our library having to close because an unsafe building is not an option. This is why we ask you to join us in voting YES on Tuesday, April 7th for the River East Public Library levy.  We also ask that you talk with your friends, neighbors and family on why a YES vote is so important, and share our Facebook and website information with them. Find your polling place at: Get the FACTS about the library levy at:

Early Voting is Open March 23 through April 4

Early Voting is open from Mar. 23 - April 4. Vote YES for River East Public Library!

Early Voting is open from Mar. 23 – April 4. Vote YES for River East Public Library!

Early voting begins today, Monday, March 23 and runs through Saturday, April 4th.  If you know you won’t be able to get to your polling location on Tuesday, April 7th or just want to get your vote in early, then please click on the following link  It will provide you with polling locations, along with dates and times they are open for early voting.  All ballot styles for McHenry County are available at all of the early voting locations, so you can vote at the site that is most convenient for you.  Please join fellow supporters and vote YES for River East Public Library.

Home Away From Home

People of all ages use our library for many different reasons. For every story of someone doing an online-only job application or taking a class to learn new skills or finding the data they need for a project, there is another story of kids playing at the library. We are lucky to have librarians who make a safe and welcoming place for kids to have fun – and not just reading for fun (which is important) – but also playing. The children of our community have meaningful experiences at River East Public Library, such as – fun arts & crafts (painting pumpkins in the fall), reading and playing with Ricco, using their imagination with the toys in the children’s area, playing games, socializing with their peers, and many more. Our library improves the quality of life in our community. Voting YES on April 7th means more than just funding.

Playing       pumpkins       Reading Ricco

Rebuilding Our Library

River East Library 2Our library building needs attention, but this vote on April 7th means more than just bricks and mortar. Some of the projects are pretty basic, but without you and our neighbors voting YES on April 7th, even these most necessary projects are very hard to do right. The tax levy will help take care of the building maintenance issues AND provide better collections – the books, CDs, DVDs – and computers, online services, and… well, a safe, operable library. We think this is a good idea. Not just to get the facility up to code, but to be a comfortable place to work, study, learn and play that is why we are voting YES on April 7th.

Please join us by sharing with your family and neighbors on how important it is to vote YES on April 7th.

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Vote YES for River East on April 7th!

Vote YES for River East on April 7th!

We’re getting a great group of supporters together from across the area for the River East Public Library’s vote on April 7th.  Join us there and pledge to Vote YES for a better library; including better collections (books, DVDs, video games), more online services, more programs, ensure library hours stay the same, update and maintain the facility in order to keep it safe and operable, and keep the library up to date with technology (computers, printers, e-readers for check out).

As Carol Paterek posted, “Great reading material and movie selection – wonderful, helpful staff – offers programs for all ages – DEFINITELY a tremendous asset to local communities. Voting YES for River East Library!!!!”

Click through to, LIKE the page and SHARE the good word about making our great library even better on April 7th, 2015.

Interested in volunteering, please click on our volunteer page or send us a message through Facebook.