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Vote YES for River East on April 7th!

Vote YES for River East on April 7th!

We’re getting a great group of supporters together from across the area for the River East Public Library’s vote on April 7th.  Join us there and pledge to Vote YES for a better library; including better collections (books, DVDs, video games), more online services, more programs, ensure library hours stay the same, update and maintain the facility in order to keep it safe and operable, and keep the library up to date with technology (computers, printers, e-readers for check out).

As Carol Paterek posted, “Great reading material and movie selection – wonderful, helpful staff – offers programs for all ages – DEFINITELY a tremendous asset to local communities. Voting YES for River East Library!!!!”

Click through to, LIKE the page and SHARE the good word about making our great library even better on April 7th, 2015.

Interested in volunteering, please click on our volunteer page or send us a message through Facebook.


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