Now is the Time – Save River East Library – Vote YES!

Vote YES on April 7th!

Vote YES on April 7th!

The last few days before Election Day are a critical time to sharing the word with neighbors and family who may not yet be as aware as you are about things. The ballot on Tuesday, April 7th for River East Public Library matters to the future of everyone living in our community, whether they use the library or not. From the children who use the library and learn basic literacy and language skill from our librarians, to the folks without internet access who need to find a job or file a claim, to the hundreds and thousands of readers, listeners, and watchers of our books, digital downloads, and movie collections…. The impact of River East Public Library is staggering. And we have been under-funding it for generations. The last tax rate increase was in 1962 . . . 53 years ago! It is past time to bring the library’s funding up to what it should be to serve our growing community and to keep the building safe and operable for all to enjoy. For the smallest of amounts – about equal to the price of one night of ordering pizza for your family – we can make a huge difference for the future of education, access to information and the internet, and the enjoyment of reading and learning. With an increase in funding the library can upgrade building and tech systems (including computers, software, tablets/e-readers for checkout), expansion of online services (Chiltons auto database, Hoopla), continuation of computer classes & kids programming, along with more adult programs and better collections (best sellers, DVDs, video games, music, e-books). For so LITTLE, the library will be able to do so MUCH! And without this increase, we are at risk of library hours being cut, computers & software will not be replaced at the end of usefulness, databases & online services will be reduced to just the basic one, programs may be cut and electrical & plumbing systems will not be updated, and ultimately . . . we risk our library having to close because an unsafe building is not an option. This is why we ask you to join us in voting YES on Tuesday, April 7th for the River East Public Library levy.  We also ask that you talk with your friends, neighbors and family on why a YES vote is so important, and share our Facebook and website information with them. Find your polling place at: Get the FACTS about the library levy at:


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