Area Residents Want More from River East Library

River East Library needs your vote.  Vote YES on April 7th!

River East Library needs your vote. Vote YES on April 7th!

The number one requested item from the library district residents’ is more online services such as Hoopla, Chilton, music, movies, books.  The library must pay for every online service that it offers in order for patrons to be able to use them.  River East Library District residents cannot use another library’s online services.  River East Public Library would love to fulfill the wishes of the community, but since the tax rate for the library has seen zero growth since 1962, doing so would be impossible.  The library cannot afford to pay for additional online services such as streaming music and movies and downloadable digital magazines.  It is clear that if the funding to the library does not change it will soon not be able to meet the needs of the community.  Fortunately, the upcoming levy to increase the library’s tax rate would ensure that the library would be able to provide these services and much more.  It is amazing that for such a small price our library will be able to grow to meet the needs of district residents and support literacy and education for years to come.

Vote YES on April 7th to support the growing needs of the community and our wonderful library.

Volunteer or Donate today and help get the word out to vote YES for River East Public Library.


Vote YES for River East Public Library

Vote YES April 7th!

Vote YES April 7th!

Get the facts about the library levy from the official library site.

If you don’t use the library, check out River East Library’s Facebook page to see what hundreds of your neighbors know: That our library helps all people – from kids and teens to working families and older adults – find the educational and employment support that matters in their lives.  Join us in voting YES for River East Public Library to ensure that all our neighbors get the help and support they need from our library.

Click on the links below or stop in at the library and pick up an information sheet.

River East Public Library’s Website

2015 Tax Levy Information Sheet

River East Public Library’s Facebook Page

River East Public Library

813 W. IL Route 120

McHenry, IL 60051


Library computer classes lead to jobs!

Tech Class PosterEvery Friday for the past two months, River East Public Library has offered a class on computers & technology. Did you know that for most people the library is the only place they can receive free computer help? Being able to not only use a computer but also navigate the internet and use software are key for anyone who is job searching. Most jobs available today are only available online and require long, online resumes to be completed before an applicant can even be considered for a position. For many people, being able to access a computer at the library and receive free help from tech savvy librarians is instrumental in helping them find a new position or land on their feet after being laid off in a tough economy. 1,000s of people apply for jobs every day at libraries across America, often with the help and guidance of a trained librarian. Support River East Public Library for helping keep our community strong and employed by voting YES on April 7th!

Absentee Voting Has Begun

YES4RELIf you will be gone on election day, you can still vote by requesting an absentee ballot.  You can request for it to be mailed to you or you can stop in at the county clerk’s office.  If you have not registered to vote, there is still time.  The deadline to register is March 10.  You can even register to vote at River East Public Library.  For all of your voting questions, visit the McHenry County Clerk’s website. And click here to get your Absentee Ballot Request Form.  Vote Yes for River East Library!

Library like it’s 1962

Good Libraries Make Great CommunitiesDid you know that libraries are now being used more than ever? It’s true! In 2014 River East Public Library had 29,800 visits, additionally, the virtual use of the library’s eBooks and eAudiobooks has increased in the past two years by 50% and more people than ever use the library’s online databases. It’s clear that a lot has changed at River East Public Library, but one thing that hasn’t changed is how much funding the library receives. Since 1962 there has been zero increase in the tax rate, despite the growing use and development of the library system. A vote YES on the tax levy is a vote to support the library’s growth and development, both past and present, so that it can continue to support the growing needs of our great community.

Vote YES on April 7th!

Our Library – Our Responsibility

vote-for-your-library-roundRiver East Public Library doesn’t receive federal or state funds to run – in fact, 95% of the revenue comes from local sources – that means you! The library uses every cent of the funds it receives super efficiently to provide library district residents access to whatever information they need and programs for all ages. Be assured that the funding raised from the tax levy increase will not be wasted either! Revenue for the library cannot be diverted to other government projects, so more funding means more programs, more access, more technology and more materials just for the library!

Vote YES on April 7th to support your library!

Love Your Library & Vote!

Love your library & vote!

Love your library & vote!

River East Public Library district area has grown since 1962, especially in the services and technology they provide. The one thing that has not changed since 1962 is the funding we are providing to support the library. By voting YES on the upcoming levy, the River East Public Library will be able to keep these wonderful services available for years to come. Support the library and our community by voting YES on April 7th!
To donate to and help us talk to our neighbors and voters about our library, make a check out to:
Vote Yes for River East Library
410 Lakeview Dr.
Lakemoor, IL 60051