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Early Voting is OPEN March 23rd through April 4th!

WHY should voters VOTE YES on April 7th for River East Public Library?

“I grew up in McHenry. When I needed help with assignments, I went to River East Library (it was called McHenry-Nunda Library.) Sometimes, I knew exactly what I needed, sometimes, not so much! They always helped me figure it out. During High School, I did SOS volunteer work there, because it had made such an impression in my mind. I am back visiting and saw all the signs in yards, so I stopped at the Library to see what it meant. First of all, I can’t believe how much the library has changed, you can see they work hard to keep it current. Shelves and shelves of DVD, graphic novels, and weird magazines. None of these things were there just a few years ago. I hope everyone realizes the importance of this little library, I hope it can continue to educate, entertain and inspire each new generation. From a past user, who remembers it’s power to connect, I urge you to vote yes on April 7th.”


“We love the library, and feel it is a very important part of our community!” – The Ledet Family


This past week was Spring Break for area students. Many of them along with their families spent time at River East Public Library checking out books, getting the latest movies, playing games with friends, using the computers and visiting with Ricco. Let’s make sure River East Library has the funding it needs so children and families can continue to enjoy all that it has to offer, not only during breaks from school, but throughout the entire year. Vote YES on April 7th in support of River East Public Library!

Spring Break

Not even snow can keep me from voting YES for the REL referendum. – Lou

Snow Vote YES

“We are voting YES for River East Library, so that our children and the children of the community can know the joy of holding a book, attend fun and educational programs, and grow up with a library within their own backyard. We want a library that can operate in today’s world and that can meet the needs of the growing community. Please join us in voting YES on April 7th.” – The Matos Family

IMG_2387   IMG_2393

Devin and Antonio have been coming to the Library since they were very small. They still enjoy playing a game or two before picking out their books. Devin: “I love it here!”

2015-02-25 10.39.09   2015-02-25 10.27.30   2015-02-25 10.32.34

“I can always find something to check out from the collection of movies and books at River East. When I need something for work, I ALWAYS go to River East. The personalized service is great. I have been coming here for a long time. It would be great to see the improvements done, the plumbing needs work.” – Yuri, avid library user

2015-01-30 12.28.29

Yuri at River East Public Library

“Our family loves the library because it allows us access to many books and movies that we wouldn’t be able to afford to buy or go to see.  Inter-library loans make the amount of books to borrow go up exponentially! The amount of movies available is wonderful, and there are always many of the newest movies available.  The library has been a life saver when we had reasons to not be able to use our own internet or computers.  The programs available have been great for our son, and they span many age ranges, so there has always been something library related for him to do.  The staff is always very helpful and are a wonderful group of people. They make the library a fun place to go!” – The Root Family, avid library users


” Do you like to sit back and read?  REL has great fiction and nonfiction best sellers as well as older favorite books and newspapers and magazines. CHECK IT OUT! *  Don’t feel like reading?  REL has a large variety of books in audio format. CHECK IT OUT! *  Looking for a “cheap date” night full of great entertainment?  REL has a huge selection of movie DVDs (fiction, nonfiction, TV series, anime – to name a few).  You can take out three movies for three days FREE! CHECK IT OUT! *  Don’t use a computer much because it frustrates you?  REL offers computer tech classes.  Don’t own a computer?  REL has computers with internet access, word processing and spreadsheets.  REL also has a variety of other programs and special events for all ages that you can sign up for. CHECK IT OUT! *  There is SO much more.  All you need do is get a REL library card.  It’s FREE!   and then… CHECK RIVER EAST LIBRARY OUT!!!” – Carol P, avid library user

2012-08-01 09.26.58

Books, movies, computer access & fun programs at River East Library. It has it all!


2 thoughts on “Vote Yes

  1. 1. Who can vote for the upgrades to the library? If Lakemoor residents are eligible, where and when would we go? What kind of identification would be needed?
    2.Where would the funds for the upgrade be attainted from?
    3. What areas does this library service?


    • Hi Tracy,
      1. Anyone that lives within the River East Library District and is also a registered voter can vote. Voting takes place on Tuesday, April 7th from 6 am to 7 pm. To find your polling location you can visit Lakemoor residents that are on the McHenry county side vote at the Lakemoor public works department at 333 Wegner Road. A driver’s license is all that is needed to vote as long as you are registered.
      2. The library is 95% funded by tax payers. 2% of a resident’s property tax goes to the library and is only about equal to the price of one pizza order for your family.
      3. The library serves part of Lakemoor (only the McHenry county side) and unincorporated McHenry.


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